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LightSheer™ Laser Hair Removal

LightSheer Hair Removal
LightSheer™ Hair Removal uses a low-energy laser to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to the routine of waxing and shaving.

Unwanted hair can be very unsightly and getting rid of it can be painful or time consuming utilizing methods like sharp razors, painful waxing, or very slow and painful electrolysis needles. Advanced lasers are available for permanent hair reduction in Detroit, MI.

We utilize the Lightsheer™ machine which sends low energy laser pulse called diode laser that will be absorbed by the hair causing destruction of the hair root in the skin without damaging the skin. This is a safe and gentle method that results with the permanent reduction of the hair.

These treatments are done in sessions that can vary from 3 to 6 and are spaced apart anywhere between 3-6 weeks depending on the area that is being treated and the hair cycle.

The treatment is detailed to fit the skin color thickness and ethnicity. Each session will cause damage to the growing follicles but not the dormant ones. That is why those sessions need to be repeated at different times to treat old crops of hair. This method will treat larger surfaces than electrolysis can at a much faster rate and more time efficient.

The treatment typically feels like a snap of a rubber band on the skin and can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more depending on the size of the area. Slight redness can be experienced after the treatment and that can typically last for a few hours. It is very important that you avoid tanning your skin between the laser hair removal sessions. Using sunscreen is also recommended during the treatment.


I will be coming in for my first laser hair removal session. I am a little nervous. I will be getting hair removed from my lower abdomen. Has anyone ever had to stop in mid-treatment because of pain?

In my experience laser treatments are tolerable and I have never had to stop treatment.

Is laser hair removal safe on all areas of the body? Can it be used on sensitive areas like around the areola?

Laser hair removal can be performed on this area and is a wonderful treatment for unwanted hair anywhere the on the body with the exception of eyebrows.

Is there one laser hair removal machine that's the best?

The LightSheer Diode Laser System offers high powers and both short and very long (400 ms) pulses to safely and effectively treat all skin types including tanned skin and the broadest range of hair colors, diameters and depths. It is the recognized "Gold Standard" for hair removal.

Are there any guarantees with laser hair removal? Is it possible for me to still have hair after several sessions?

The number of hair removal sessions required is dependent on the color of the skin, thickness and color of the hair. There are no guarantees.

I would like to get a laser hair removal procedure on my underarms. Do you think this will take more than one session? How many treatments does it take?

All the hair is in 3 different stages of growth; first, second and third. Approximately 1/3 is in each stage. The laser light can only kill the hair that is in the 1st stage of growth when the hair bulb is big and full. The other 2/3 of hair are in the 2nd and 3rd stage of growth where the hair bulb or "papilla" is dormant. The hair in the 2nd and 3rd stage will die and fall out, but the 1st stage is underneath ready to come up. That's why we repeat the laser hair treatment in a month to kill the new stage and every 6-8 weeks after that to get to the hair that is in the first stage of growth.

It'll take between 6 and 12 treatments, depending on skin type. Spaced 6-8 weeks apart.


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