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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

The most pronounced landmark on
your face is your nose.

Some Solutions
Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery on the face. It can improve the shape or size of your nose by raising or refining the tip, removing the hump, or narrowing the bridge.

How A Rhinoplasty Is Done

Incisions are usually made inside the nose. Excess bone and cartilage are removed and the nose is reshaped.

Keeping The Patient Comfortable
Local anesthesia and sedation may be given to keep the patient comfortable and free of pain. If desired, general anesthesia can be administered.

The Immediate After-Effects
There may be bruising and oily skin for a few weeks. Swelling will gradually reduce over several months. It may take up to a year to see the final results.

The Risks
There are inherent risks in any surgical procedure, and these should be discussed thoroughly with your Detroit, MI facial plastic surgeon. Thousands of successful rhinoplasties are performed each year.

The Results To Expect

Significant improvements should be noticed immediately following surgery. The nose will look even more natural and attractive as the swelling subsides in the weeks after surgery. Just how much improvement is achieved depends on the individual's physical characteristics and the extent of the surgery.

For more information about having rhinoplasty in Dearborn Michigan - contact the Masri Clinic today.

Before And Post-Op Rhinoplasty Surgery Photos
This patient of ours wanted to reduce the hump on her nose. The final result creates nice symmetry with her facial features and looks very natural.

One of our patients was kind enough to share her before and after photos of her nasal surgery and created a blog of her experiences. You can check them out here:

Before After

›› Before and After Photos (password is who)
›› Her story

Before After


Before After

For more information about having rhinoplasty in Detroit Michigan - contact the Masri Clinic today.


Question: Can a gore-tex implant from a prior rhinoplasty be revised and replaced with something more natural?

Answer: Yes, in most cases.

I would like to remove a bump that is high up on the bridge of my nose. Because it is so high, I believe that it is made of bone, not cartilage. Can this type of bump be removed with rhinoplasty?

Yes, Rhinoplasty is the removal of excess cartilage and bone.

My nose has gotten a bit bulbous looking with age. Is this associated with anything that needs to be addressed or can I just have a nose job to improve it?

Please make an appointment to see Dr. Masri, after a condition called Rhinophyma is ruled out, you can discuss Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) with him. It can improve the shape or size of your nose by raising or refining the tip, removing the hump, or narrowing the bridge.

I'm 14, from Detroit and I really want to get a nose job. My mom took me to a doctor; he said that I need to wait a few years before having the surgery. He said my nose is still growing, but what does that matter? What would happen if I had the surgery now?

Rhinoplasty is recommended after the age of 18 years, but in some cases is performed at age 16 depending on the circumstances. Please come in for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your needs and go over all your options.

I'm 16, from Detroit, and I would love to get a nose job. My mom and I met with two doctors, one who was ready to do the surgery and another who said I should wait a few more years. I really want the surgery, but I also really want it to go right. Is it better to wait?

Please come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Masri. Typically it is recommended until the age of 18 years old, although in some cases surgery is performed at 16 years old.

How do you ensure that the rhinoplasty results in a natural-looking appearance without it being obvious that the patient has had a nose job?

Dr. Masri offers computer imaging to his patients so they are able to view the post-op appearance prior to surgery. Please visit our web site for a gallery of before and after pictures at www.masriclinic.com

I'm of Asian descent. My features are very delicate looking except for my nose which is wide and somewhat bulbous. What can you do to make my nose match my face?

I have attached an example of what External Rhinoplasty w/fillers looks like. You have many options like fillers, Rhinoplasty surgery, weir excision surgery, and laser resurfacing to shrink the skin. However, without seeing your nose it would be difficult to say which procedure would best fit you. I hope the example helps!


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