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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Wrinkles, sagging skin, and laxity in the jowls and neck begin to appear after years of exposure to the elements, facial expressions, and the natural aging process.

Common Problems

Over the years, the skin of the face and neck loosens. Gradually, we begin to see wrinkling around the eyelids, on the forehead and on the sides of the mouth. Pouches develop along the jawline and sometimes create a "double chin." In women especially, extra folds form over the front part of the neck. Some faces also become etched with numerous fine wrinkles.

These changes are the result of the aging process, heredity, and gravity. They are accelerated by skin abuse, overexposure to the sun, alcohol, smoking, and poor nutrition.

Fortunately, cosmetic facial surgery in Detroit can minimize many of these problems.

Some Solutions

The operation designed to diminish the changes of the aging face and neck is called a rhytidectomy and is commonly referred to as the facelift operation. The term "facelift" is really a misnomer becomes the operation combines lifting of the face, neck, and temple regions all in one procedure. In some patients, a submental lipectomy may be performed in conjunction with the facelift to remove excessive fat or folds under the chin. These procedures also can be combined with plastic surgery of the eyelids and forehead.

How A Facelift Is Done

The incision for the facelift operation begins in the temple hair above and in front of the ear. It extends down just in front of the ear, around the ear lobe, up behind the ear, and then backward into the hair of the scalp. Through this incision, the skin is elevated out into the temples, cheeks and neck. The underlying platysma muscle and connective tissues are repositioned to lend some permanency to the realignment of the facial structures. Excess skin is then removed. Sometimes, fat is removed and, occasionally, a small incision is made under the chin to help with the correction. The skin edges are secured with appropriate suture material.

The facelift operation usually takes between two to three hours. When it is completed, a bulky dressing is applied and the patient is transferred to a recovery area.

The Risks

The risks are minimal. There are inherent risks in any surgical undertaking, however, and these should be discussed thoroughly with your facial plastic surgeon. Many thousands of facelift operations are performed successfully each year in Detroit, MI.

Keeping The Patient Comfortable

Pre-operative medications to relieve tension and local anesthetics to numb the face during surgery commonly are administered. These should keep the patient comfortable and free of pain. If desired, general anesthesia can be administered.

The Immediate After-Effects

After the operation, some swelling and bruising can be expected. The swelling usually subsides within the first few days, and the bruising subsides within several weeks. There may be mild discomfort for a short time after surgery, but this usually is controlled easily with medication. Significant pain is quite rare. Sutures are removed in a few days, and make-up can be applied shortly thereafter.

The Results To Expect

The elimination of excessive sagging of the skin of the face and neck should give the patient a more rested and youthful appearance. Just how much improvement will be made depends on the individual's physical characteristics and the extent of the surgery.

For more information about having a facelift in Detroit or Rochester Hills Michigan - contact Masri Clinic today.


How long do the results of a facelift generally last for?
Facelift procedure means you're resetting the clock of aging in your face. Five years after surgery, if you compare your face to someone else in your same age group, skin type and who has not had a facelift, you will look younger and have firmer skin then they will. Other factors tie into the longevity of the procedure such as what type of facelift is being performed and how damaged the skin is.

I'm interested in getting a facelift and I'm wondering where you perform the surgery. Is it done at your office or in a hospital in the Detroit area?
The surgery will be done in our fully equipped surgical facility in Dearborn.

How often are revisions needed after facelift surgery?

It varies between patients as the natural aging process continues.

Is there any age that you consider too old for a facelift? I'm a young at heart 82 and would like to improve my looks.

The overall health is what determines if someone is a candidate or not for a facelift.

I really would like revision rhinoplasty to improve on the nose job I had years ago. Would it be possible to get a facelift at the same time?

Yes, they can be done at the same time.

At 52 years old, I am a very physically fit male and take pride in my appearance. I am starting to get the telltale signs of jowls and a little double chin. No matter what I do, I can't get rid of them. Would facial liposuction be an appropriate procedure for me or do I need to have a facelift along with it?

SmartLipo™ is a highly effective, minimally-invasive liposuction technique which uses a high-powered laser to rupture and liquefy the fat cells, thus easing removal. This technique generally involves a quicker, easier recovery compared to traditional liposuction. While many areas of the body can be treated, it is ideal for treating small areas like the chin and jowls. SmartLipo™ also offers the benefit of skin tightening as well.

I'm getting a full facelift and neck lift. How long will it be before I'm completely recovered?

Recovery after a face and neck lift is usually approximately 10 days for healthy patients.


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