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Although people often think of wrinkles and skin sagging as the primary signs of aging, your appearance changes in other ways as you get older, too. For example, plenty of people notice volume loss in their face and in other areas of the body. The lips might become thinner and the cheeks might seem to drop or fall, as fat is lost from the area. Some people develop hollows under their eyes, making them look worn out or tired.

Fortunately, a loss of volume in the face is relatively easy to fix and treat. One option is fat transfer, which involves injecting purified fat harvested from one area of the body into the face. Not everyone with volume loss is a good candidate for fat transfer, though. Are you? Read on to find out.

You Are in Overall Good Health

As with any elective cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatment, being in overall good health is important for candidacy. Being in good health means not having any medical conditions that are not under control, or that you're not currently treating. It can also mean not taking certain medications, such as blood thinners, on a regular basis.

Your lifestyle choices and habits can play a role in determining your overall health, too. For example, it's usually recommended that people who smoke avoid plastic surgery. Smoking slows down healing and can increase your risk for complications during or after surgery. If you do smoke, your surgeon will most likely ask you to quit before the fat transfer procedure.

You Have Extra Fat

The fat used during a fat transfer comes from your own body. You can't use a donor's fat or fat from a non-human source, as it's very likely your body will reject the donated fat. Some people are just too slender for fat transfer and don't have enough extra fat on any part of their body to use during the treatment.

If you don't have enough fat, your surgeon will let you know what other options are available for adding volume to your face.

You Have Some Signs of Volume Loss

Along with having some fat to spare, it's important to have some signs of volume loss, either in your lips, under the eyes, or in the cheek area. Fat transfer isn't something you necessarily need to have performed preemptively. You'll get the most benefit from it if you've already noticed a reduction in volume on your face.

You Have Realistic Expectations

Having realistic expectations is a must before any type of cosmetic procedure, surgical or not. In the case of fat transfer, having realistic expectations can mean understanding how much of a difference in volume you're likely to notice, as well as understanding that your body might reabsorb more of the injected fat than expected. It also means understanding that the procedure will make you look more youthful, but that it won't permanently stop the aging process.

Other Options

If you're not a good candidate for fat transfer, there are other options available. For example, you  might be a good candidate for a filler such as Juvederm if you're hoping to add volume to your lips. Other fillers can help to restore volume to the cheeks and under the eyes. Several different types of injectable fillers are available. They are made from a variety of materials and can last anywhere from several months to a couple of years.

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