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How Facial Augmentation can Make You Look YoungerThere are many ways to make yourself look and feel younger with cosmetic surgery. The face is the first thing that people notice and can have an immense impact on the impression you give. Numerous cosmetic procedures can be performed on the face including augmentations. Cheek and chin augmentations can greatly change the face in a positive way. The cheekbones can be enhanced and create evenness in the overall appearance of the face. Some individuals have smaller chins that do not make an impact, or are not as prominent as they would like them to be. A smaller chin can highlight other aspects of the face such as the nose. When the chin is more prominent a balanced profile can be achieved and the attention will not be placed in one area. If the chin is too prominent it can have the opposite effect and can create more attention to the lower aspect of the face as opposed to the balanced look. If you want to avoid these augmentations then a fat transfer could be just the thing that you need to provide fullness and a youthful glow! A balanced face is something that a cosmetic surgeon can achieve for you!


Deciding whether to have cheek implants, a chin augmentation, or a fat transfer can be decided after a consultation with a plastic surgeon. An evaluation of the face will be conducted as well as an explanation of the realistic surgical outcomes that can result. It is important that the patient understands the realistic outcome of the procedure and what is possible. The mental health of the patient will be considered by the surgical physician during any facial procedure being performed.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are known as malaraugmenation and provide more definition to the cheeks. Cheek augmentation surgery involves incisions being made either inside of the mouth or below the eyes. The surgical implants are placed in between the cheek bones and the soft tissue that overlays it. The procedure is usually completed under local anesthesia and numbing medication is often also administered. Depending on the patient’s request, general anesthesia can be administered. The cheeks will appear bruised and swollen after the procedure. This will only last for a few weeks and the swelling will subside. Ice and medications can reduce the swelling and the patient can resume regular activities in a short time.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is also known as mentoplasty and can create changes to the face usually by bringing out the chin. This can change the individual’s profile in a positive way and can create balance. When the chin is too prominent a reduction can be completed which involves removing extra bone from the chin. This can change the shape of the chin and prevent it from protruding. There may be cases where an individual feels that the chin is not the problem, but the skin is. The excess skin can be removed with a facelift procedure as opposed to a chin augmentation.

During a chin augmentation a small incision is made behind the most prominent part of the chin, or inside of the mouth. A surgical material will be placed in front of the jawbone which will allow the chin to appear as though it is protruding outward more. The surgical material has the same feeling as the natural soft tissue that the chin already consists of. The implant will appear natural over time and the skin will not appear out of place after it has healed. If necessary, fat from under the chin can be removed as well as any small amount of excess skin. This can increase the appearance of the chin augmentation if it is needed. If a chin reduction is needed, a small incision is made under the chin and an instrument is utilized to remove some of the bone.

The chin will immediately appear different after the procedure has been completed. Swelling and bruising will occur and will last for approximately two weeks. Pain medication will be provided to reduce swelling and maintain comfort. The pain associated with the procedure is not known to be significant. The chin will appear even more natural as the chin heals.

Fat Transfer

Fat injections are a great way to add volume to your face utilizing your body’s own excess fat. The increase in volume can fill sunken areas and holes where wrinkles, creases, pitting, scaring, and depressions occur. The fat transfer allows a natural appearance and avoids putting a foreign substance into your body. The fat transfer also has an added benefit of increasing collagen to the facial tissue because it can restore stem cell growth.

Fat injections are commonly performed under the eyes, the temple, chin, jawline, lips, and cheeks. It is important that smoking is stopped prior to the injections, as well as any medications that can cause additional bleeding . The patient will receive medication to relax such as a sedative or local anesthetic. The fat will be removed from the donor location on the body first. It is usually removed from the stomach area. It will be prepared so that the fat cells are kept alive. Keeping the fat cells alive allows them to easily blend when injected and stimulate additional stem cell growth in the new site. The fat is injected into the new locations very carefully and with precision. The procedure can take from a minimum of one to two hours and possibly more depending on the amount of fat that is being transferred. The physician will ensure that the fat is being transferred in correct amounts to allow for symmetry and a natural appearance to occur.

The fat transfer will be noticeable after one week and can last for many years since the body’s own fat is being harvested for the procedure. The injection sites will be swollen immediately after, but the fat will slowly settle into the body. Ice and medications can be used to reduce the swelling.  Some of the fat will dissipate as it is accepted by the body so more fat than is needed will be added to the injection site. The injection site may also initially appear fuller for this reason. It is estimated that approximately fifty percent of the fat that is injected will reabsorb over time. Since the fat is from the patient it does this at a very slow rate. Some patients request that more fat than needed is extracted so that additional injections can be completed without extracting from a donor site. This is often known as “fat banking” and is convenient for many patients.

Adding symmetry and fullness to the face can be done in various ways. Dr. Masri and his staff can explain cheek and chin augmentations as well as fat transfers. Determining which one is right for you is not a decision you need to make alone! The Masri Clinic will be able to provide more information during a free consultation. Schedule your consultation today by calling 866-487-3223.

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