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Forehead lift vs. FaceliftUnfortunately, at some point we will all begin the aging process. The first signs of aging appear on the face and develop as fine lines around the lips, forehead, cheeks, and eyes. These fine lines give away our age as our skin appears droopy and heavy. The eyes may become sunken in giving a tired appearance and the eyebrows may become saggy. The process of aging and the effects of gravity will hit us all at some point. They can be heightened to occur at even earlier points in our lives when healthy lifestyles are not followed. Alcohol abuse, skin abuse, poor nutrition, and overexposure to the sun can all influence the aging process. Dr. Masri and his staff have many surgical options to boost your self-esteem again and remove the effects of aging!

Forehead Lift

There are solutions to make you feel vibrant and alert again! If you want to look like you did years ago before the stress of life and aging process took over, a forehead lift or facelift could be just right for you! A forehead lift can raise dropping eyebrows and eliminate or reduce frown lines. The skin in the forehead can be smoothed and repositioned so that furrows no longer exist! Many times when a forehead lift is completed an eyebrow lift is also performed. This will allow the eyes to no longer appear droopy and become open and alert.

A consultation with Dr. Masri and his staff is the first step to having a forehead lift completed. During the first consultation, the forehead will be evaluated and the eyebrows will be examined to determine if you are a candidate for surgery. Complications and a slight deviation from the typical surgical procedures may occur if you have a high forehead or receding hairline. Modifications can be made and will be discussed. Dr. Masri will also be concerned about the emotional state and expectations for the surgery. It is important that all complications and realistic expectations are understood prior to the procedure. This can greatly influence the healing process in any plastic surgery candidate. Prior to surgery photographs of the face and forehead will be taken so that changes can later be observed and examined.

The Procedure

A local anesthetic will be administered to numb the facial area prior to the procedure beginning. If desired, a general anesthesia will be administered instead. The forehead lift will require an incision to be placed in the hairline across the top of the forehead. The eyebrows and forehead will be raised from this incision and will be placed in a natural looking location. Typically they will reach their original position prior to the furrows occurring where the muscles in the face were divided. Once the skin is in the proper location the incision will be sutured closed and bandaged.

After the Forehead Lift

Once the procedure has been completed, the facial area will be swollen and bruised. This will decrease over the course of a week, but discomfit will still remain. The eyebrows will be difficult to move and only limited motion will occur. This can last for many weeks, and the pain can be controlled with medication. The sutures will be removed after a few days and makeup can usually be applied after one week. The risks for the forehead lift are very minimal and many patients do not experience problems as a result of the surgery. The procedure will create a youthful and friendly appearance! The results of the procedure vary for each patient and is dependent on the individual’s personal facial characteristics prior to the procedure.


A facelift can allow many changes to be made to the face with just one procedure. Lines that are located on the forehead, eyes, and mouth, folds on the neck, extra skin on the jaw line, double chins, and fine lines on the face can all be removed by a facelift procedure! A facelift will remove extra skin that is saggy and drooping and will tighten the tissue underneath it creating a smooth and youthful appearance. Many patients who have a facelift also have a necklift procedure completed at the same time. A necklift will remove fat or folds that are located underneath the chin. These two procedures together can great a youthful appearance with smooth skin!

A consultation with Dr. Masri will allow him to understand your needs, desires, and goals. He will be able to discuss your facial features and how he can improve your look with keeping the same facial features prominent. Numerous options are available for the incisions that can be made for a facelift and are dependent on the individual and the skin condition. This will be discussed with Dr. Masri when a plan is developed.

The Procedure

A traditional facelift has many incisions and provides amazing results. These results can last over ten years because of the multiple areas that the skin is pulled in. This will also require a longer procedure and recovery time. A mini-facelift can also be a great option and is less invasive. This procedure does not require as many incisions as a traditional facelift and has a speedy recovery time with fewer scars. The mini-facelift will reduce the sagging of the skin on the face, but cannot eliminate extra folds of skin. It also cannot change the skin and wrinkles around the eyes or forehead. A mini-facelift will tighten the skin, but will not have as much of a dramatic effect as a traditional face lift. The results will last half the time of the traditional facelift. It is important that Dr. Masri understands your needs and desires during the consultation to determine which facelift procedure is right for you. If you have only small areas of concern, then a mini-facelift that is localized may be the option for you!

The form of anesthesia that is administered is dependent on the procedure being completed. Typically either an intravenous sedation or general anesthesia will be administered. A traditional facelift will require numerous incisions. The first will be located in front of and above the ear and extend to the hairline. The incisions will be carefully placed to form around the ears and appear natural. The skin can then be pulled, moved, and repositioned on the cheeks, forehead, and neck. Any excess skin can be removed if the patient desires. After the skin is removed the incisions will be sutured and bandaged. During the surgical process a drainage tube will need to be placed under the chin. This area will also need to be sutured.

After the Facelift

The facelift will produce pain for the immediate days following the surgery. Medications will be provided to allow some relief. The face will become bruised and swollen, and drainage may be visible. The bandages will need to be changed on a regular basis to prevent any infections from occurring. Regular activities can be resumed after two weeks of the procedure, but some activities will be restricted. Exercise should be avoided as well as long durations in the sun. The facelift will be completely healed after six months. The scars and final healing can take up to one year.


As with any surgical procedure complications exist with both forehead and facelift procedures. Excessive bleeding and infections are possible and care should be taken to observe any sudden changes that occur. If issues do occur Dr. Masri should be contacted immediately. Numbness is common around the incisions for facelifts and may last an extended amount of time. Scars will most likely be present as well as hair loss near the incisions for both procedures.

You Decide!

Dr. Masri and his staff can provide you optimal results with a new fresh face with both of these procedures. Scheduling a free consultation will allow Dr. Masri to determine which procedure is best for your health, desires, and anatomy. He will explain the procedures and ensure that every effort is made to make you feel comfortable. Contact the Masri Clinic today at 866-487-3223 to get started!

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