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Get Toned and Contoured Arms with a Brachioplasty

Wearing short sleeves or tank tops can be intimidating when you’re unhappy with your upper arms. Your arms may have loose or sagging skin, resulting in “bat wings” or “arm flaps”, or you may have arms that look heavy due to a buildup of fat. Your arms may just need a little extra toning or contouring, but lifting weights and other arm exercises at the gym may not be enough to get you the arms you want. Fortunately, brachioplasty from Dr. Haitham Masri can.

Why Exercise May Not Be Enough

The upper arms generally become problem areas as a result of too much soft tissue and/or too many fatty deposits. Your skin can become more lax as your get older, causing it to hang loose around your frame. When you exercise, your body can burn energy and improve your muscles, but it cannot tighten you skin. This means that even if you have muscular arms, those muscles can still be hidden by excess skin.

The same is true if you have hidden fat deposits. Your weight fluctuates a lot during your life, especially through puberty or pregnancy. The fat deposits push your skin outward as they accumulate and hide within your soft tissue. Your body burns fat to get energy, but it has a hard time reaching those hidden fat cells. The fat in your upper arms may conceal your musculature and prevent you from getting a toned appearance. If enough fat is present, your skin may be pushed outward so far that it begins to stretch. Once your skin stretches, it doesn’t shrink back to its normal state.

How Brachioplasty Slims Your Upper Arms

Brachioplasty is also known as an arm lift,  a surgery which tightens and tones your arms by lifting the soft tissue. The surgeon makes an incision from your armpit along the underside of your arm. Liposuction is used to remove any hidden fat inside your arm and reveal your musculature. If you have extra skin tissue because it is stretched or especially loose, that may also be removed. Your skin is then lifted back to the incision site and tightened to smooth out your arms. The surgeon then uses stitches to close the incision and complete the procedure.

The extent of the surgery will be different from patient to patient depending on how much extra tissue is in the arms. The incision, for example, can be made from your armpit all the way to your elbow or to any distance in between. If your upper arms have a significant amount of excess fat, you may require more liposuction than soft tissue reduction. There also needs to be sufficient soft tissue for your arms to be lifted.

Recovering from Brachioplasty Surgery

It takes about six weeks for your arms to completely recover from a brachioplasty. Your arms will be bandaged after your procedure to protect the incisions, but the bandages will come off after a few days. Your arms will be sore and swollen at first and possibly bruised. It’s a good idea to keep your arms elevated and avoid moving them too much. Your incisions will heal in about two or three weeks. The incision lines will be hidden since they were made on the underside of your arms. If you have internal sutures, which may be used to help keep your soft tissue secured until your arms heal, those may take a little more time to heal.

Once the bandages are removed, you’ll be able to see the results of your surgery. You will also get a better idea of what your new arms will look like as the swelling fades. After you’ve made it through the recovery, you’ll be able to show off slimmer and better toned arms.

Getting Slimmer Arms Without Surgery

For patients who just want a little extra contouring in their upper arms, SmartLipo may be more beneficial. SmartLipo is a nonsurgical procedure that removes unwanted fat without using incisions or anesthesia. It uses a laser to send energy pulses into your skin and target the fat cells. The energy causes the fat cells to break apart, effectively destroying them without hurting any of the surrounding tissues. After the cells are destroyed, your body then removes them using natural means. Your arms will appear better toned and contoured after the fat is eliminated.

Start Improving Your Arms Today with a Patient Consultation

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