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Every winter, you dread stepping on the scale because you know the number is going to be just a bit (or a lot) higher than you'd like. Or, you notice that the clothes that fit well in the spring and summer tend to be a bit snug during the winter.

Lots of people gain a few pounds during the winter, and it can seem as if the deck is stacked against you when it comes to keeping the unwanted weight off. Although fighting weight gain when it's dark and cold outside might seem like a losing battle, there are things you can do to keep the scale balanced and to ensure that your clothing fits you comfortably all year around.

Is Winter Weight Gain Inevitable?

One persistent myth about weight gain in the winter is that there's no way around it. The combination of cold, early sunsets and general lethargy seems to designed to make you gain weight.

In reality, though, putting on the pounds during the coldest months of the year isn't unavoidable. It might seem as if your body's natural response to chilly temperatures would be to gain some fat for insulation, but the truth is that cold temperatures are more likely to damage or destroy fat cells rather than cause them to increase.

If your goal is to maintain your weight or even drop a few pounds during the winter, that's good news.

Why Do People Gain Weight in Winter?

Why do people typically put on weight in the winter? It's often due to a combination of factors. For starters, the holiday season takes place at the beginning of winter. During this time, people often eat more high-calorie foods than they usually do. Additionally, more alcohol tends to be consumed in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's than at other times of the year.

The cold temperatures outside and the threat of snow and other dangerous winter weather can throw a wrench into a person's exercise routines. It's also more difficult to motivate yourself to go for a run or to hit the gym when the sun sets before 5 pm.

A few other factors can also contribute to weight gain during the winter. Daylight saving time ends sometime in early November, and the one-hour shift tends to throw people's sleeping patterns for a loop. When your sleep is disrupted, it's common to feel hungrier more often. The limited amount of sunlight during the winter months can mean that people don't get the Vitamin D they need, which can interfere with fat storage.

How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

So what can you do to keep the excess weight away in the winter? There are a few ways to fight back against the bulge. If your workout routine has been disrupted by the cold, early sunsets or snow, it can be worth starting a new, indoor-based routine. You don't have to spend a lot of money or even join a gym at all. For example, you can start a floor based routine using Pilates exercises or aerobics. If you do want to purchase equipment, you can invest in a stationary bike or elliptical and set it up in an area where you'll use it.

It can also be worthwhile to carefully examine the foods you eat during the winter. Comfort foods like macaroni and cheese might feel warm and cozy, but also tend to pack a lot of calories. Try substituting healthier options or lower-calorie options. For example, a hearty vegetable soup can be just as comforting as mac and cheese but has fewer calories and more nutrients.

What You Can Do About Excess Fat

Even if you avoid putting on weight during the winter, you might still notice that you have areas of unwanted, isolated fat on your body. That fat might hang around no matter how much you exercise or how healthy your diet is. Fortunately, treatment options are available to help you eliminate areas of stubborn fat.

TruSculpt 3D is a non-surgical fat removal process that works by heating areas of unwanted fat. High temperatures (over 113 degrees) can damage and destroy fat cells so the body can flush them out. A TruSculpt treatment typically takes less than 60 minutes and many people schedule a series of treatment sessions to get optimal results.

Learn More About Getting Rid of Unwanted Fat Today

Dr. Haitham Masri and Dr. Fatina Masri each have more than two decades of experience performing plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures. They offer a range of effective facial and body procedures. They can help you fight winter weight gain and get rid of excess, unwanted fat. To schedule your free patient consultation at Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, call (866) 487-3223 today.

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