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How Lasers are Used in Cosmetic SurgerySince lasers were invented in the 1960s, they have been used in just about every major industry in the world. They have also been making their way into the plastic surgery industry for the past couple decades and are now used in a number of different procedures. These nonsurgical procedures are growing in popularity across the country for both patients and plastic surgeons. At the Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, lasers are a primary tool used to help patients treat or improve a variety of conditions for the face and body.

How a Laser Works

At its simplest form, a laser is a beam of light that can be narrowly focused. Lasers can also channel energy through light. This light can be transmitted over long distances but is capable of pinpoint precision. It’s this precision that makes lasers so effective in plastic surgery. A laser can emit different levels of energy which can be altered with different substances. A carbon dioxide laser, or a CO2 laser, is one example of the types of lasers used in plastic surgery. These levels of energies and substances can be combined in a variety of ways, which is how there can be so many different laser treatments available.

Laser Treatment Options for the Face

A lot of problems faced by plastic surgery patients are related to their face. Specifically, how their face ages. Aging typically begins to present itself around your late 30s and early 40s. It starts out small, maybe with a few lines around your eyes or your forehead. Over time, those lines begin to turn into wrinkles and your skin becomes looser. As you get closer to your 60s, your skin begins to sag and pull downward. This leads to a droopy appearance or extra folds of soft tissue around your face.

Many of the issues that occur with aging happen because your body slows down the production of collagen. Collagen is a fiber that supports your skin and keeps it smooth. When you’re young, your body produces a lot of collagen, which is why you have tighter skin without lines. Your body starts producing less collagen as you age, making it harder for your skin to stay supported. Your skin also develops a rougher texture.

Laser treatments can be used to improve how your skin looks and feels. There are different treatment options depending on what your skin needs. Laser resurfacing is done with an erbium laser to remove damaged layers of skin, allowing younger and healthier skin cells to take their place. Fractional laser resurfacing uses a carbon dioxide laser to stimulate collagen production under your skin, which helps to smooth out your skin as new layers grow. Blue light therapy lasers can treat enlarged pores and persistent acne, while other lasers can be used to treat acne scars, freckles, or birthmarks. For patients who need significant facial rejuvenation, the Affirm laser can treat several of these conditions with multiple treatment sessions.

Laser Treatment Options for the Body

Your body can also feel the effects of aging. The skin around your body becomes looser over time and fat deposits begin to accumulate around your middle. The damage from aging isn’t always as apparent on your body as with your face, but it can also be difficult to treat.

There are laser treatments available to combat skin and body conditions that occur with age. Velasmooth is a laser treatment that works to improve cellulite, a condition in which the skin pulls and puckers around fat deposits, usually around your legs and buttocks. SmartLipo is a nonsurgical liposuction treatment that uses a laser to liquify unwanted fat around your body. Once the fat cells have been destroyed, your body slowly removes them. Spider veins can be treated with laser therapies, including the erbium laser and sclerotherapy. Even something as simple as unwanted hair can be treated with laser hair removal.

The Benefits of Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are nonsurgical, which means that you don’t need to be put under and there are no incisions. Most laser treatments have a very minimal recovery. In fact, most patients are able to resume their regular activities right after the treatment session. Nonsurgical procedures like laser treatments can help you catch potential issues due to aging before they become too severe, which will keep you looking younger longer and may postpone the need for surgery. Because they are nonsurgical, laser treatments are also usually easier to manage financially.

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There are a lot of options available to plastic surgery patients, which can make it hard to know what’s best for you. It’s a good idea to schedule a patient consultation to determine which laser treatment or treatments are ideally suited to improve your face or body. To schedule a consultation with the Masri Clinic, you can call (866) 487-3223 or sent your information through the Contact page.

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