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What Is Mesotherapy? We all know that keeping your New Year’s resolution is tough. It's easy to start off strong and then lose motivation, especially when it comes to one of the most common New Year's resolutions out there: weight loss. Losing weight and getting fit are great goals to have, but it's important to come up with a strategy for motivation and upkeep if you're going to succeed in meeting your goals. If you're worried about losing momentum if you don't see results right away, then you may want to try an easy and non-invasive treatment to help you along: mesotherapy.

What Is Mesotherapy?

You may not have heard of the mesotherapy technique, but it is a procedure that has been performed for decades. It was first introduced in France in the 1950s, where it is still popular today. Though it is a less common treatment in the United States, it is FDA approved and highly effective for helping reduce areas of stubborn fat.

The treatment works by injecting vitamins and minerals into the layer of unwanted fat just beneath the skin. These work to gradually break down the fat, which is then absorbed and disposed of by the body. Mesotherapy involves a series of treatments, typically five to seven on average. Many patients lose both inches and pounds over the treatment process.

No Downtime

Because mesotherapy involves only a simple injection process, there is no downtime associated with the treatment. The injection process involves very little pain, and no anesthesia is required for comfort. The minor inconvenience of requiring several office visits to complete the series is usually offset by the quick and minimally invasive nature of the treatments.


Mesotherapy is a gentle treatment that is appropriate for a wide range of patients. Adult patients in general good health are typically appropriate candidates for the treatment, though effectiveness varies depending on fat distribution and other factors. People with significant medical issues, pregnant women, and those on certain medications (like blood thinners) are not generally candidates for mesotherapy. Only a reputable provider can assess candidacy for each individual patient.

Mesotherapy as Motivation

Mesotherapy is a supplemental procedure to a healthy lifestyle that works best for small amounts of stubborn fat. Because of this, it is best for patients at a stable weight who want to treat specific areas like the “love handles,” hips, jaw, chin, and other parts of the body. You might be able to use mesotherapy as motivation to keep yourself on track for your New Year’s resolutions. Mesotherapy and exercise are complementary and enhance your results, so you might consider the treatment as a reward for staying on track with your fitness and diet goals.

Combination Treatments and Alternate Procedures

There are some goals mesotherapy can't accomplish by itself, but it is often possible to combine different treatments to get the desired results. Cellulite, for example, can be very difficult to treat, and mesotherapy alone won't produce good results, but combined with a dedicated cellulite treatment like Velasmooth, patients can see reduction in both fat and cellulite for a smoother, sleeker, slimmer physique. Velasmooth requires a series of non-invasive treatments over a period of weeks, just as mesotherapy does, making them a good combination procedure pairing.

For the small number of patients who are unresponsive to mesotherapy treatments, SmartLipo laser liposuction is a surgical alternative to stubborn areas of fat. Smartlipo is a laser liposuction treatment that does require a few days of downtime.

Choosing a Provider

Everyone needs a little help meeting his or her goals sometimes, and when it comes to stubborn fat, a qualified plastic surgeon is just the ally you need. Even though mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure, it still requires a skilled hand to administer the treatment properly and oversee the progress following each session. In addition, you and your surgeon might find that other treatments are better suited to your needs. This is why it's important to schedule consultations with experienced, board certified surgeons, like our team at Masri Clini for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery in Birmingham, and Dearborn, Michigan. Our surgeons are highly skilled and offer a wide range of effective procedures. For more information and to schedule your free consultation, call 866-487-3223 today.

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