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Do you have to be a mommy to have a mommy makeover?Looking and feeling great is important to every individual. Whether you are a new mom, or just ready for a new you, a makeover can be just what you need! The term “mommy makeover” is not just for new moms! Everyone deserves to have a makeover and feel amazing. There are many procedures that can increase your self-esteem and give you back your old body. Breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tucks are all great ways to improve your body!

Breast Lift

Having full and nicely shaped breasts are important to every female’s self-esteem. There can be many reasons why an individual may desire a breast lift and why the breasts may sag over time. As we age the elasticity of the breasts will decrease because collagen is naturally lost. The collagen will not only decrease because of age, but also because of changes in weight, breast feeding, and pregnancy. This can create a problem when searching for clothing that fits properly. When elasticity is lost it can also create self-confidence issues while wearing a bathing suit, or in your love life. Having a breast lift can change the shape of the breast and the overall appearance of the body. The breasts can be made to appear younger and more youthful again. A consultation will allow you and Dr. Masri to discuss your goals and desires for the outcome of the surgery. An examination will be completed and the surgical options will then be discussed to develop a plan just for you!

Breast lift procedures are also referred to as mastoplexy procedures. The excess skin can be removed and the internal breast tissue can be reshaped. The areolas can be reduced in size which can also create a younger look. A traditional mastoplexy will involve three incisions being made which is known as an anchor technique. An incision will be made around the areola, down the breast in a vertical line, and horizontally in the crease of the breast. This will allow for a large amount of skin to be removed and the skin to be fully adjusted. This will provide the maximum lift that is possible for the breasts. If the breasts are large, this is the best method to utilize. These incisions can also allow for a breast augmentation to be completed at the same time as the lift. If the breasts do not require the maximum incisions for the lift, only the incisions around the areola and vertically down the breast will need to be made. This will eliminate the third incision in a traditional mastoplexy. This will allow for a medium amount of skin to be removed. The tissue can still be adjusted with this technique, but only a small amount of skin can be removed from around the areola. A third technique that is utilized involves only one incision along the upper edge of the areola. This does not provide much of a lift, and is not often utilized in breast lift procedures. It is important to be honest when discussing your wants and desires because it can influence the type of lift that is completed. The breast lift can also be coupled with an augmentation or reduction at the same time. When breast lifts area completed many woman loose approximately half a cup size. Because of this, an augmentation may be desired when it is completed. Issues with symmetry can also be addressed.  The breast lift should last many years, and is dependent on lifestyle changes such as weight gain and loss, and pregnancy. There are some patients who only have one lift in their lifetime, and others who may desire a second procedure after lifestyle changes.

Recovery for the breast lift procedure will involve bruising and swelling that can last for many weeks. Medication will be provided to decrease the pain. Experiencing a tight feeling in the chest is normal as is limited mobility in raising the arms. Movement is encouraged to reduce blood clots from occurring. A special bra will be provided by the Masri Clinic once the bandages are removed. This bra will need to be worn for approximately one month to assist in healing support. Exercise should be avoided as well as strenuous activity. There are complications with breast lifts as there are with any other surgical procedure. A scar will most likely be left after the procedure is completed. There is no way to avoid this, but many times it is not as severe as most assume it will be.


Liposuction is a procedure that may be desired along with a breast lift! Although diet and exercise can help remove excess weight from the body, it may not be able to reach all the places we desire. Due to hereditary reasons it may be difficult to lose weight and fat pockets may be challenging to get rid of. Liposuction can help remove the localized pockets of fat and get rid of fat in many undesirable areas. Liposuction is commonly performed in the buttocks, hips, stomach, arms, face, neck, thighs, love handles, and other areas of the body.  Individuals who are good candidates for liposuction include those who are at their ideal weight and have elasticity in their skin. The individual should not plan on any other extreme physical changes occurring after the surgery such as weight loss or pregnancy. It is also important to be in good health.  Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Masri and his staff will allow many questions to be answered as well as a physical examination to determine if you are a good candidate.

Liposuction procedures involve small incisions being made in the targeted area where the fat is being removed from. A tube is inserted into the incision and fat is removed through a vacuum or syringe. Many times a solution is injected into the area that will numb it and constrict the blood vessels. This will decrease bleeding and potential pain that is associated with the procedure. This is usually utilized when liposuction is performed near the face. There are also methods to break up the fat prior to or during the liposuction which will allow for easier removal. A hand held ultrasound device can produce waves that will break up larger fat cells. This is a great option for larger and more dense fat deposits. Laser assisted liposuction known as Smartlipo is also an option that utilizes a laser to break up the fat cells. Smartlipo is commonly used for smaller fat deposits that are near the neck or breast area. This technique does not involve large incisions and has a fast recovery time. Depending on the amount of fat that is being removed, as well as the targeted area a plan will be developed specifically for you! Care is always taken to minimize scaring after the procedure. There are other procedures that are commonly completed during liposuction, such as a tummy tuck. This is a skin reducing procedure that can remove the loose skin after the fat has been removed from the area. If liposuction is performed in the abdominal area, a tummy tuck is often also performed.

Tummy Tuck

Depending on the amount of skin that will need to removed, a complete or mini tummy tuck can be performed.  A tummy tuck is also referred to as abdominoplasty and allows excess skin and fat to be removed. The muscles can also be repaired which allows for a contoured abdomen. A full tummy tuck involves incisions being made around the belly button and near the bikini line. If a mini tummy tuck is performed, the procedure is usually an endoscopic-assisted surgery. This is less invasive and a smaller incision is made above the pubic bone. Once the skin is pulled to the desired direction the excess will be removed and he remaining area will be sutured. The procedure will require a drainage tube to be placed and the procedure can take anywhere from two to five hours depending on the intensity of the procedure. A tummy tuck is a great way to remove excess skin and create a smooth and thin appearance.

Your journey to feeling young again can begin by calling the Masri Clinic for a free consultation. It is easy to undergo multiple procedures at the same time and heal all at once. Having work completed on the torso area can make the breasts and abdomen look great. Removing excess fat can influence how you look, feel, and make shopping for clothing even easier! The Masri Clinic can be contacted by calling 866-487-3223.

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