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Reduce Your Breasts to Improve Back Pain

Breast surgery comes in different forms, including augmentation, lifts, and reduction. While breast augmentation (or breast implant surgery) is easily the most common cosmetic surgery among women, breast reductions are steadily becoming more popular. Reductions made up about 2% of all cosmetic procedures last year compared to augmentations which made up 16%. Another way to look at it is that there was one breast reduction patient for every eight breast augmentation patients.

Breast reduction can improve a hot of health conditions for people who suffer from excessive breast tissue, including upper back pain.

Balancing Your Body

Whether you are standing or sitting, your body is working to keep you balanced. The muscles in your legs, shoulders, back, neck, and abdomen are always tightening and relaxing so you remain upright and centered. These muscles even work while you sleep!

Your balance is related to the strength of your muscles as well as the amount of tissue in your body. If your body is relatively proportional, it’s easier for you to keep your balance. If you have an excessive amount of tissue in one area, that forces your body to over correct and work harder.

For women who have larger breasts, the extra tissue puts more strain on your back muscles. It may also affect the muscles in your shoulders and neck. These muscles have to work harder to keep you upright and balanced due to the extra weight on the front of your body. It’s like permanently carrying a five or ten pound hand weight on your chest. Over time, the strain can create significant pain and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Reducing the amount of tissue on your chest relieves some of that weight which in turn relieves the strain on your muscles.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast tissue grows and shrinks as a result of different events in your life, including puberty, pregnancy, and weight gain and loss. In a breast reduction surgery, the excess breast tissue is removed and the breast is reshaped into a smaller size. The amount of tissue that is removed depends on the size of your breasts and the size you would like them to be.

There are different incisions that can be made based on your surgical goals and the condition of your breasts. Typically, the surgeon makes an incision around your areola. This allows your nipple to be moved higher on your breast and reduced in size if necessary. From there, incisions may be made in a vertical line down the front of your breast to the crease where it connects to your chest. In rare instances, an incision is also made along that crease so the breast can be repositioned.

The surgeon removes the extra breast tissue through the incisions and trims any extra skin tissue. Liposuction is also utilized to gently remove fatty deposits that may have accumulated. After the extra tissue and fat are removed, the surgeon carefully reshapes the breast into the appropriate size. The breasts can also be lifted higher on the chest if needed.

Breast Surgery at the Masri Clinic

Dr. Haitham Masri is considered one of Michigan’s foremost cosmetic surgeons. He is a board certified physician with nearly three decades of experience in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, including breast surgery. Dr. Masri has a long-standing reputation of successful breast reductions and excellent patient care. If you struggle with persistent back pain and suffer from overly large breasts, Dr. Masri is an excellent choice for your surgery. To schedule a free patient consultation with Dr. Masri, contact the Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Dearborn, MI, by calling (866) 487-3223.


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