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Treatment for Laser Hair RemovalFor some people, losing weight can be a challenge and diet and exercise may not get rid of all the stubborn fat. Surgery to remove excess fat can also be a difficult choice to make. Fortunately, there is now an FDA-approved way to get rid of the excess fat. Smartlipo is a great alternative to traditional liposuction, offering a less invasive option that can melt away the fat below the skin’s surface. This technique can be used on many areas of the body and can help remove fat in places where diet and exercise cannot.

How does Smartlipo Work?

Smartlipo is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that has been FDA approved. It is performed on many areas of the body including the neck, hips, stomach, and thighs. This is one of the first laser assisted liposuction procedures that has emerged and has become popular among patients for many reasons. Smartlipo utilizes a laser technique that melts fat below the surface of the skin and tightens the skin on the upper layer. The tightening effect that Smartlipo is able to produce is of great benefit to patients.

When Smartlipo is performed, a local anesthetic is typically recommended. There are patients who feel more comfortable with stronger sedation, but most are not unconscious during the procedure. Since Smartlipo is a non-surgical procedure it can be performed in a clinical setting. This is different from traditional liposuction that is often performed in a surgical setting and poses higher risks.

During the procedure, a laser is placed under the skin to liquefy the fat deposits. When the fat cells are ruptured by the laser, they liquefy and are able to be removed through a very small incision. At the same time, the laser serves to seal the blood vessels that it comes into contact with. Due to this technique, a minimal amount of swelling or bruising will occur during the recovery process. This is very different than traditional liposuction procedures when recovery time can be more painful and time consuming. The patient will also notice a difference in the amount of scarring that can occur between Smartlipo and traditional liposuction. Smartlipo will produce minimal scarring and a new look that can be observed quickly since the swelling will rapidly diminish.

What is Traditional Liposuction?

Traditional liposuction procedures can be completed on most areas of the body including the buttocks, hips, arms, neck, face, thighs, love handles, stomach, and many other areas of the body. Liposuction can be an excellent option for individuals who have areas of excess fat despite proper diet and regular exercise. It is important that the patient has good skin elasticity so that the skin can shrink to the new contours after the fat has been removed.

During traditional liposuction, small incisions are made in the targeted area. A thin, hollow tube called a cannula is then inserted into the incision and moved back and forth to manually dislodge the fat.  The fat is then removed through the tube with a suction vacuum or syringe. Some surgeons will inject a solution into the area first that will numb the area can cause the fat cells to become swollen and firm, making them easier to remove. Another technique known as ultrasound-assisted liposuction allows the surgeon to use a handheld device that breaks up fat deposits through ultrasound waves. This is a great option for dense fatty areas of the body such as the back. The techniques that are utilized are always different for each patient. A combination may be best for you and will be discussed with your surgeon. Traditional liposuction does involve a longer recover time than Smartlipo.

Now What?

Once fat removal procedures have occurred, the patient may realize that they have extra skin in certain areas. Typically, additional procedures will be discussed with your surgeon prior to performing traditional liposuction or Smartlipo. If a significant amount of fat has been removed or the patient has reduced skin elasticity, contouring and skin removal may be needed. This can be performed after the fat removal procedure and will provide a dramatic impact on the shape of the body. Since fat is often removed from the stomach area, a tummy tuck is a common procedure that can remove and tighten the skin in the torso area.  Two options are available- a mini tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck. This is dependent on where the excess skin is located and how much needs to be removed. The size and position of the incision that is made will vary based on the individual and the area. Typically, an incision is made along the pubic bone and runs across the hips. The fat and skin are removed and lifted into position. The skin is tightened and sutured in place.  A full tummy tuck may require an incision near the navel and additional drainage tubes. The procedure time can vary but typically two to five hours is required. Fat transfers or fat injections may also be needed in various areas of the body, especially the face. The fat transfer will remove fat from one location where there is excess and add it to another. This may be needed when dimpling effects occur in the skin after tightening. Other procedures that can assist in smoothing and contouring the body after fat removal procedures include arm lifts, thigh lifts, and body lifts.

Smartlipo is a great option for stubborn fat that needs to be removed in those challenging places. Having a minimal amount of fat that is bothersome should not impact your appearance. Getting Smartlipo has numerous benefits including improving your appearance and self-esteem. With a quick recovery and easy process, Smartlipo easily fits into your busy life. Call the Masri clinic today to learn more: (866) 487-3223.

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