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Start Your Summer Right with Body Contouring

Achieving your ideal figure is a struggle both men and women face, one which can prove particularly frustrating as summer nears. After wearing extra clothes and surviving the winter holidays, warm weather arrives just in time to remind you what your body looks like after all those holiday treats. The good news is that body contouring procedures can help you get the body you want in time for summer by removing extra fat and tightening your skin. The Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery offers both surgical and nonsurgical procedures to improve your body’s contour and definition.

Surgical Ways to Contour Your Body

There are a variety of lift surgeries available to help contour different areas of your body.  These surgeries remove excess fat deposits and excess skin to achieve a tighter, trimmer look. The Masri Clinic offers the following lift procedures:

  • Abdominoplasty – Also known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty contours your abdomen by pulling your skin tissue downward, tightening your abdominal muscles, and removing fat deposits that might be hiding around your tummy and hips.
  • Thigh lift – Fat tends to accumulate around your thighs as a result of gravity, creating unsightly bulges and cellulite. A thigh lift will slim your thighs by removing the extra fat and tightening the skin tissue around the backs of your legs.
  • Arm lift – An arm lift, or brachioplasty, helps remove extra fat and skin tissue from your upper arms so they look toned and fit.
  • Body lift – The body lift is considered a combination procedure as it involves using more than one lift surgery to achieve the best results. A body lift typically involves a tummy tuck combined with a thigh lift or a butt lift, but it can include just about any combination of lift surgeries around your body.

Another surgical means of contouring your body is with liposuction. This procedure has a long history in plastic surgery and has become more advanced over the years. It is usually chosen when the patient has a problem with stubborn fat deposits but minimal excess skin. In liposuction, a small incision is made and a hollow tube is inserted. The fat deposits are broken up and then suctioned out through the tube. After the fat is removed, there will be more definition in the area, which creates better contouring.

Nonsurgical Ways to Contour Your Body

The Masri Clinic also offers a variety of nonsurgical procedures designed to help contour your body. These involve using a laser or other energy pulses, which prevent the need for incisions or anesthesia. There are procedures that remove fat, tighten your skin, and smooth out your figure.

  • Velasmooth – This procedure uses radiofrequency energy and infrared energy pulses to heat your fat cells and increase your metabolism, causing your body to eliminate the fat. The device also employs vacuum suction to manipulate your skin tissue so it’s smoother. Velasmooth is effective at treating cellulite and fat bulges.
  • SmartLipo - Lipolysis treatments such as SmartLipo are used to liquefy your fat cells. SmartLipo uses laser energy to heat the fat cells from within, causing them to break apart. Your body then naturally removes the destroyed cells, creating a slimmer appearance.
  • Quanta ShapeQuanta Shape is a procedure that uses ultrasonic energy combined with a vacuum. A special device sends ultrasound waves into your skin and creates pressure. The pressure causes microbubbles to form among your fat cells, causing them to break apart. A vacuum device is then used to stimulate your lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing waste from your body. The fat is transported through your body and is naturally eliminated.

Nonsurgical procedures like these are a great way to give your body a touch-up or a boost. They are most effective when you have multiple treatment sessions and if you continue them regularly.

Choosing the Right Body Contouring Procedures for You

The great thing about cosmetic procedures is that they can often be combined. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures are often performed together or in close proximity to each other in order to give the patient maximum results. But with all these different options, how can you know which procedures are best for you?

A professional cosmetic surgeon can help you figure out your ideal body contouring procedures during a patient consultation. During this appointment, the surgeon will peform a physical exam and discuss which areas you would like to address. They’ll also go over your medical history and your goals for the procedure. After gathering all the necessary information, the surgeon will present you with your options. You may need only a surgical procedure, or maybe a nonsurgical one will work best. You may benefit from more than one procedure or more than one treatment. Whatever your options, it’s important that you choose a quality plastic surgeon for your consultation and subsequent procedures.

The Masri Clinic of Laser and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Haitham Masri of the Masri Clinic is considered to be among the top plastic surgeons in Michigan. He has board certifications in three medical specialties and nearly three decades of experience in the field. Dr. Masri works closely with his patients to ensure that their goals are met, and he helps his patients understand exactly what to expect from their procedures. Dr. Masri has two established practices in Michigan and sees patients from all over the world.

To schedule a patient consultation for body contouring with Dr. Masri, contact him at (866) 487-3223.

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