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Surgery Center Opens in DearbornProminent surgeons from the Dearborn community have joined together to create a surgery center that offers more affordable healthcare to patients. Located at 13530 Michigan Avenue, the Advanced Surgery Center is one of the largest independent surgery centers across the nation.

The idea originated from a concept of a “medical mall.” As cofounder Dr. Haitham Masri explained, the Center specializes in a host of surgical procedures including ear, nose and throat; plastic surgery; orthopedic surgery; pain management and gynecology where patients’ needs are always met. The medical facility has four procedure rooms and four operating rooms, along with many recovery rooms that provide 23 hours of extended stay post-surgery.

With its elegant décor and personalized care, this medical facility offers more than a hospital can at a fraction of the cost to the patient.

Dr. Fatina Masri, cofounder of the Center describes, “in a hospital setting, a surgery may take several hours to perform; however, at the surgery center, we provide efficient service without compromising the quality.”

Dima Sukari, Surgical Coordinator, agrees. “We work as one team here. Our patients are familiar with everyone; whereas at a hospital, the staff constantly changes everyday and patients can’t have a personal connection with the staff.”

According to Dr. H. Masri, this personal connection even plays a factor in the healing process of the patient.

“Studies show that alleviating patients’ fear before their surgery contributes to their healing. This is something we offer through comfort and privacy that cannot be matched at any other hospital,” Dr. H. Masri states.

Along with patients comfort as a top priority, patient satisfaction is also important to the surgeons as well. With experienced surgeons who have worked at hospitals like Beaumont Hospital, Detroit Medical Center and Oakwood Hospital, they are amongst the highest professional surgeons in Michigan.

He goes on to explain, “Our patient satisfaction has been 100 percent so far and we plan to continue this trend. It’s our top priority that patients receive the best care from the highest rated surgeons.”

Just as this surgery center has stemmed from an idea of offering quality and efficient service to patients, it also has the ability to expand its patient volume and the number of surgeons. From June to December, the Center has increased its surgery capacity from 10 to almost 40 surgeries a week.

Dr. Ebenezer, Director of the Neurosurgery Department, describes, “I was surprised, because when I talked to the staff, I found out they’ve been working for Dr. Masri for many years. This makes a big difference in the quality of the service, because patients get to know the staff and care is individualized. At surgery centers, the patient-staff interaction is much more sincere. It’s easy to get to know the staff and build trust.”

The Advanced Surgery Center hopes to contribute to the Dearborn community by providing affordable and state-of-the-art healthcare to patients. The Center also stands apart from others because it accommodates the Arabic and Spanish-speaking patients with multilingual staff.

“We’re sensitive to the needs of the Arabic community in Dearborn.” Dr. F. Masri explains. “Our goals and objectives have always been to serve the Dearborn community where patients feel relaxed and confident they will receive the highest quality care.”

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