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Laser Vein Removal in Michigan

Sclerotherapy is for the larger spider veins which are most commonly found on the thigh or lower legs and most frequent in women. This is a hereditary condition and it could be also seen on the face as well.

Laser Vein Removal | Michigan
Get rid of those unsightly veins that keep you from wearing what you want.

These are different from varicose veins which are larger and typically are raised above the skin level and are bluish and can be painful.

Both spider veins and the small varicose veins can be eliminated with a simple Detroit office procedure called Sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy has been practiced for over 18 years. The procedure consists of inserting a very fine needle with a sclerosing solution into the small vein and typically it makes the vein turn white and the vein will gradually disappear afterwards.

For larger varicose veins, surgery would be needed and Sclerotherapy would not be ideal. Sclerotherapy typically would have to be repeated at least twice with 3 weeks in between.

After the procedure, elastic stockings will have to be worn to reduce bruising and keep the veins closed.

Within 24 hours after the procedure walking is encouraged. However vigorous activities are discouraged. It could take weeks to months before the final results are experienced.

The procedure typically carries very little discomfort and there could be some mild burning sensations during the procedure, but it stops within a few seconds.

Sclerotherapy is most effective when combined with YAG laser treatment. This is light energy that is absorbed by the blood vessels only and causes no harm to the skin around it. For further information please go to the YAG laser section of this Detrot, MI Web site.

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I'm from Detroit and I have spider veins on the outside of both thighs as well as on my left calf. I am 43 years old but these veins make me look like my grandmother. Am I eligible for Sclerotherapy? Is this a permanent solution for this problem?

Sclerotherapy along with Nd:YAG treatments are used to treat veins of all different sizes. These treatments get rid of veins that are present, but cannot prevent them in the future.

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