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Spider Vein Therapy in Michigan

Spider veins or telangiectasias are small reddish or bluish purple blood vessels frequently noticeable on the face and thighs more often in women. The varicose veins however are the larger than 1/4 inch in diameter and are typically raised above the skin of the legs and they are deeper and have a bluish color. The varicose veins can be related to more serious conditions and can require surgery. Laser surgery is not intended for varicose veins.

Spider Vein Therapy | Michigan
Get rid of those unsightly veins that keep you from wearing what you want.

Laser vein therapy in Detroit, MI is a safe and effective non-surgical technique intended for the removal of the spider veins and the smaller varicose veins. This is done through utilizing a calculated dose of energy delivered through the Erbium:YAG laser handpiece to heat the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and later be absorbed by the body tissue.

Typically the patient has to wear support hose or specially heavy duty stockings for two days to help keep pressure on the veins. Occasionally bruising can be experienced and will disappear within a week a more. Possible tan pigmentation could persist for a few weeks after treatment when treating larger veins. Typically few sessions would be required at three to four week intervals. After the Detroit, MI procedure you should avoid any hot bath or any strenuous exercise to avoid reopening the veins. The patients can resume their daily activities immediately. The final results might take up to several months before final results are completely achieved. The treatment typically is painless and does not require any topical anesthesia. The patient should experience mild sensation of heat.

Sclerotherapy can be used instead of laser or along with laser for better results. This is done by injecting a sclerosing solution typically saline into a micro-needle until the vein blanches (turns white).

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