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Long Lasting Makeup in Michigan

Wake up with makeup perfectly applied every day.


We are constantly looking for ways to put on our makeup in the shortest amount of time possible. At last, it can take no time at all. Long-lasting cosmetics are the perfect solution for the busy or athletic woman, women with allergies to conventional makeup or those with trouble seeing to apply makeup. While it may not be for everyone, it is worth considering.

Long-Lasting makeup falls under the category of tattooing. Even though Long-lasting cosmetics will fade over time (as true with regular tattoos), the procedure itself should be considered long-lasting. Touchup applications are required every few years to maintain freshness of colour. Procedures are done in 2 sessions that are 30 days apart.

So What Kind of Makeup Can Be Tattooed In Place?

  • help for sparse brows
  • eyeliner to make lashes look thicker
  • lips (full lip treatment that eliminates the need for lipstick, or lip-liner)

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