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Skin Treatments in Michigan

We have solutions to slow down the aging process or clear imperfections like acne and blemishes.

We offer a broad range of skin treatment services that are tailored to your skin color, thickness, and skin type.  We have solutions to slow down the aging process or clear imperfections like acne and blemishes.  A wide range of non-invasive options are also available.

Chemical Peels:
There is numerous medications available for improving the skin tone and color. A lot of these medications can be done without losing any time off work. They produce minimal redness however they improve the quality of the skin over a span of a few days among the most popular chemical peels are:

  1. Glycolic peels: this is an acid that is naturally found in grapefruit. This material used in different concentration can be used to improve acne and fine wrinkling.  The procedure is inexpensive and can be repeated on weekly basis for one skin cycle (six weeks) or more. Lighter concentration can be done by the patient at home on weekly basis.
  2. Refinity peels: this is a buffered acid and this means much less redness and irritation however the action is preserved and will result in a healthier, younger looking skin commonly used for treatment of acne and fine wrinkles.
  3. Jessner:  This is a solution that has been used for years to revitalize the skin. It results with minimal redness for the first two or three days and gives excellent results for skin rejuvenation.
  4. Lactic & Carbolic Peels:  These peels are considered to be light to medium depth, they will help improving fine to medium depth wrinkles, does not require necessitate work time loss.
  5. Hydroquinone Peels:  These can be done at different concentrations for the purpose of removing freckles and lightening and blending the skin color. Associated with minimal redness for couple of days.
  6. Obagi Blue Peel:  This is a controlled depth peel. Can be used for fine, medium or deep wrinkles depending on the concentration and with very predictable results.
  7. TCA Peels:  Use of different concentrations will give excellent results for medium depth to deep wrinkles. The higher concentrations peels will require one to two weeks time off work.
  8. Phenol Peel: This is reserved for very deep wrinkles and would require an extended period of recovery.   
  9. Obagi® Blue Peel: This peel utilizes trichloroacetic acid in a titrated way to allow complete control of the depth of the peel. This peel, unlike the more superficial glycolic acid peel, will result in improvement of the wrinkles and the texture of the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The healing time can vary from three to ten days depending on the desired depth and will result with stimulation of new growth of skin that will have much less sun or aging damage. The process takes less than half an hour and is performed as an office procedure without any sedation. A topical anesthetic cream can be utilized and you will be given creams to be utilized at home afterwards to promote the healing.
    The result is significantly healthier skin. The peel is recommended to be done on a two year basis to slow down the aging process. Other products from Obagi™ is the Nu-derm™ system which is a worldwide famous system that will provide tighter, smoother skin and is safe and effective for all skin types and ages. Another system is the Obagi® CRx™ system. This is intended for less damaged skin and for maintenance of healthier looking skin.

IPL:  (Intense Pulsed Light)
This method utilizes a very bright pulsation of light done along with devise to cool the skin. This new technology has achieved wonders in rejuvenating freckled and wrinkled skin. It is used successfully in treating numerous dermatological diseases, including pre-cancerous lesions.

This technique utilizes sylitica crystals associated with a suction power to remove fine wrinkles and superficial imperfections of the skin.

Radiofrequency Bi-Polar Waves: (Visage)
This technology utilizes short wave to rejuvenate the skin and to remove superficial to medium depth wrinkles.

This is an intense short wave that is utilized for deep wrinkles of the skin and requires general anesthesia or IV sedation.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing
This technique is reserved for the deep wrinkles, smoker's lines and weathered skin. It will achieve also a high degree of tightening of the skin, the results  are the marvel of the skin rejuvenation. It is done using general or IV sedation.

Erbium:YAG Laser
This state-of the-art technology is suitable for the laser resurfacing of all skin types.  Whether you're looking for wrinkle reduction or acne scar improvement, this technology will provide fast healing with minimal discomfort and downtime.

This procedure can be done within minutes, and no sedation is required.

Thermage: (Non Surgical Face Lift) This new technology is extremely popular to replace face lift for the medium degree of sagging skin, it also replaces forehead lift in many patients. Totally non ablative requires no down time, thus deserving the name of lunch time face lift.

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