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Does a Breast Lift Reduce Cup Size?Unfortunately, the breasts age like any other area of the body and often display significant changes much sooner than other areas, especially in mothers, due to the impact of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Extreme changes in weight can also cause premature breast sagging. Because of this, many women are interested in breast enhancement, but do not want to undergo implant surgery. Implants are not designed to lift and rejuvenate the breasts, only to increase their size, so a breast lift tends to be a better option for women with sagging breast tissue. With that said, very few women want to experience changes in the breast that will make them smaller through surgery, an issue that many prospective patients are worried about. If you are considering a breast lift you may have a similar concern: will your cup size be reduced after a breast lift?

How a Breast Lift Works

A breast lift involves a multifaceted surgery to lift and tighten the breast. Excess skin is removed and internal structures are repositioned for better breast contour. In addition, the areolas can be re-shaped and repositioned if they have been stretched from breastfeeding or aging. The goal of surgery is to reduce sagging and flatness in the breast area.

There are different surgical techniques that can be used for lifting the breasts, and these will be discussed with you and chosen based on the specifics of your case. General anesthesia and local anesthesia with sedation are used, again, depending on the situation and the extent of the procedure. Recovery from a breast lift takes several weeks, with full healing and results within about six months.

Does It Reduce Size?

During the breast lift procedure, no breast tissue is removed, only skin, so in theory, the cup size of the breast does not change. However, changes to the shape and position of the breast can affect cup size, and some women are surprised by the appearance of the breasts following surgery, feeling that they look smaller than before. After the lift, when the breasts are sitting higher on the chest, it can affect the overall cup size, which is why many women choose to get implants along with a breast lift. Implants can also improve how “perky” the breasts look following surgery.

Variable Results

A breast lift will improve the overall appearance and lift of the breast, but the effect on size is more variable, depending on how much skin is removed and how the re-shaping affects the breasts’ aesthetics. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell if the breasts will look significantly smaller before the surgery has actually taken place. Every woman is different, and some may find that the surgery makes them dissatisfied with the overall size of their breasts. For some women, the choice to combine a breast lift and implants is easy, but not for others. There are pros and cons to each, of course, and it is important to understand all your options before you move forward.

Options for Augmentation: Simultaneous or Post Breast Lift

If you’re interested in a breast lift and you are concerned about size following surgery, then you have two main options. You may choose to have implants placed during the lift surgery, or you may wait until you have healed and see if you still wish to undergo breast augmentation. This is an entirely personal choice, though it should be noted that having the procedures performed simultaneously reduces overall downtime and discomfort by involving only one surgery. Additionally, costs are lower with a combination procedure, since only one fee for facility use and anesthesia are required. With that said, you should not feel obligated to choose the combination procedure. Many women are better off waiting six months or so after surgery and reevaluating their needs. Risks are generally greater with a combination procedure, and you may find your new look from breast lift is sufficiently large enough for your needs!

Breast Reduction

In some cases, women are interested in reducing the cup size of the breasts, and this can be done through breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction can be performed during or after breast lift, just as augmentation can. This is generally an easier decision to make when planning a potential combination procedure, as it is less complex to plan for the final size of the breast.

Discussing Your Case

Your best resource in deciding on a surgical plan is finding a skilled, board certified plastic surgeon. A reputable provider will help you figure out the course of action that is best for you and your needs, answering your questions honestly and helping you feel comfortable.

Take your time in choosing your surgeon, and be sure to do your research before meeting with prospective providers. If you would like to speak with an expert in the Dearborn or Birmingham areas about your case, come to Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery and meet with Dr. Raj Gupta, a board certified expert with over 25 years of plastic surgery experience. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call 866-487-3223 today.

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