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Benefits of Breast ReductionMany people don't know the pain of overly large breasts, but for those who deal with the problem, it can mean chronic back and neck pain, difficulty finding clothes or working out comfortable, and rude comments on a daily basis. Surgery may sound like an extreme solution, but it's an effective way to reduce the size of the breasts and improve overall quality of life. However, many prospective patients are (understandably) worried about the cosmetic ramifications of choosing breast reduction surgery. Does the procedure result in significant scarring, and are there techniques to reduce this from occurring?

Surgery and Scarring

First things first: all surgery produces at least some scarring. The healing process results in changes to the skin, which will fade somewhat over time, but not always completely. The good news is that cosmetic procedures involve discreet scarring wherever possible, and incisions are made carefully so as to minimize the impact of scarring following the procedure.

Scarring Involved with Breast Reduction

There are a few different techniques that are used for breast reduction on a regular basis. The technique used will depend on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. More extensive procedures will result in longer incisions and more scarring.

Incision patterns may be restricted to a circular pattern around the areola (skin surrounding the nipples), or extend down the breast. For very extensive procedures, the incision may extend to a horizontal incision in the crease of each breast as well. You and your surgeon will determine the appropriate approach in your case prior to the operation.

Minimizing the Damage

A board certified plastic surgeon will minimize scarring as much as possible by performing the procedure carefully, using the most limited incision pattern possible, while still achieving the patient's goals. Following pre-operative instructions before the surgery can also help minimize the trauma from the procedure, but patients should be realistic about the amount of scarring that can be expected.

Aftercare and Fading

After the surgery, you will need to care for yourself properly during the recovery period to promote proper healing and prevent complications. Your incisions will close fairly quickly, with scarring starting out red, then slowly fading and flattening over time. You can help this process by following your surgeon's advice about incision and scar care, and keeping the area clean and out of the sun. Keep in mind that it can take a year or more for scars to settle into their final appearance.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction: Pros & Cons

While most prospective patients are concerned about scarring from breast surgery, the significant benefits often outweigh the realities of surgical scarring. Breast reduction can accomplish everything from reducing back and neck pain to improving overall confidence and self-esteem. Choosing to undergo any type of breast surgery is an extremely personal decision, and is not one that should be made lightly. Patients should weigh the pros and cons and speak with an expert before making a decision.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The right surgeon for you should be a board certified expert with experience, skill, and compassion. Choosing the right surgeon is vital for achieving good results, and you should never settle when it comes to your healthcare provider.

Breast reduction is a major surgery, and should be performed by a dedicated plastic surgeon, like our experts at Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Birmingham or Dearborn, MI. Dr. Haitham Masri and his team are highly skilled and attentive to patients' individual needs. For more information, and to schedule your free consultation, call 866-487-3223 today.

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