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Combining Breast SurgeriesThere are many traits that can make a woman feel self-conscious about her breasts. Genetic variations can cause vast differences in shape, size, and more, all of which can prompt the desire for cosmetic breast surgery. In addition, pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, and fluctuations in weight can all result in unwanted changes to the breasts, which can further motivate a woman to surgically address the bust area. There are several types of cosmetic breast surgeries available, and it’s not always clear to prospective patients as to what procedure they might need or want. In fact, the truth is that in many cases a combination procedure is the best way to achieve good results for some patients.

Types of Breast Surgeries

There are three major types of breast surgeries available to patients, catering to a number of different needs. These surgeries are:

Breast Augmentation

The most familiar and common cosmetic breast surgery, breast augmentation typically involves the use of synthetic implants made from either saline, soft silicone, or stable silicone to increase the size of the breasts, most often in young women. Implant sizes are fully customized, and patients can choose implants as big or small as they want.

Breast Lift

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women are dismayed to find that the breasts start to sag, losing firmness along with the shape and contour they once had. A breast lift rejuvenates and improves the lift and shape of the bust, which is often a great confidence-booster and can help moms feel great about themselves once again.

Breast Reduction

While many patients cannot imagine wanting a smaller bust, women with large breasts often have difficulty with back pain, finding clothing that fits properly, and conducting everyday activities due to the size of their bust. Breast reduction can help alleviate these problems by creating a smaller, more manageable breast size that makes life more comfortable for the patient on a daily basis.

Common Combinations

Because there are several factors involved with breast aesthetics, it is sometimes best to combine more than one breast surgery to help patients reach their goals. The most common combination is breast augmentation combined with a breast lift. Though breast lift surgery does not reduce the overall cup size, the change in shape can affect the perception of how large the breasts are and can necessitate a new bra wardrobe. Combining breast augmentation with a breast lift allows women to offset these changes or simply get the cup size they have always wanted.

The other combination procedure that is possible is the breast reduction and breast lift. This can provide relief from physical discomfort and the emotional aspects of overly large breasts. The benefits of combination breast procedures are numerous, and include comprehensive results, reduced surgical costs (when compared to two separate surgeries), and a single recovery period.

Timing Breast Enhancement

Generally, breast surgery including a breast lift will be performed during middle age, after pregnancy, breastfeeding and/or age have taken their toll. If you are interested in rejuvenation for any of these reasons, it is a good idea to wait until you are done having children and are no longer breastfeeding, as future pregnancies could negatively impact the results of the surgery.

With that said, however, young women often seek breast augmentation or reduction before having children, then later in life choose to undergo further surgery for breast rejuvenation. Timing of breast surgery is entirely personal, but it does pay to think about timing objectively to maximize results and help make those results long-lasting.

Recovery From Combination Breast Surgery

The recovery process for combination breast surgery is much the same as for a single procedure, making combination procedures very convenient and appealing. There will be strict activity limits for several weeks following the surgery to help keep swelling down and reduce the risk of problems with the incisions and the potential for infection or poor healing. Women who work desk jobs can return to work soon after the surgery, but no bending, lifting, or strenuous exercise is allowed.

Customizing Your Procedure

If you are considering breast surgery, whether for rejuvenation, augmentation, or reduction, then your first step should be to start consulting with prospective plastic surgeon. Your procedure will be tailored to your needs, and an expert plastic surgeon can help you plan the surgery that is right for you. To get the best advice and results, you need the help of the best surgeons, like our experts at Masri Clinic for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Birmingham and Dearborn, Michigan. Our surgeons have decades of experience and a desire to help patients find solutions that work best for them. Call 866-487-3223 today to schedule your complimentary consultation with our experts.

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