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Facial Implants for MenMale plastic surgery has been steadily increasing in popularity over the years. What was for many years considered a woman’s world is now being seen in a new light, as a tool for everyone to achieve better self-esteem. There are many treatments and options today for cosmetic surgery, particularly for the face, as this is where aging is most noticeable. Some people are interested in changing the overall facial structure, however, not treating signs of aging. There are many cosmetic surgery patients as young as teenagers who seek to improve facial aesthetics with a variety of procedures.

Facial Aesthetics and Balance

When it comes to the “masculinity” or “femininity” of the face, the individual features are usually the biggest factor, with larger, “stronger,” less-defined features considered more masculine. However, other facial aesthetics are greatly influenced by symmetry and facial balance. If features are out of sync with one another, the balance will be off, and the overall aesthetics will be affected. In some cases, by carefully augmenting specific areas of the face, improvement can be made in the balance and harmony of the features.

Facial Implants

Facial implants are most often used in the cheeks or chin to improve projection and/or definition and contour to the area in question. Facial implants have grown in popularity over the years, with chin implants in particular on the rise. Men are often interested in chin implants, because a strong chin and jaw is associated with masculinity. A “weak” or receding chin can make a man feel self-conscious and affect internal and external perceptions. Cheek implants are more common for women, but some men may also want to add definition and volume to the area. It all depends on the patient’s individual needs.

Implants are small and made of materials that mimic the feel of the soft tissues of the face. These are inserted through well-concealed incisions that vary in location based on the type of implant. Patients should plan to take a week or two off work for recovery, with residual swelling and bruising taking longer to resolve.

Why Men Seek Plastic Surgery

Men seek plastic surgery for much the same reasons women do: to enhance or improve certain features. When results are good, plastic surgery can help patients build a healthier sense of self-esteem and increase confidence. Some men are also interested in looking younger to stay competitive in the job market. Whatever the motivation, patients should be having the surgery performed for their own reasons, and not because of pressure from others or feelings of obligation.

Realistic expectations are essential for any person interested in plastic surgery. Many procedures can produce great results, but plastic surgery cannot fix all issues or make patients look like a celebrity. A healthy attitude is to expect marked improvement, but not perfection, as this is unrealistic.

Choosing Your Procedure

The best way to choose the procedure that is right for you is to speak with a qualified facial plastic surgery and discuss your goals for surgery. Procedures are highly customizable in modern plastic surgery, and only an expert can help you make the decision about which surgery is right for you.

Speak to an Expert

Before you choose your surgeon, you should consult with several experts and discuss your goals for surgery. These consultations are your chance to ask questions, develop rapport with surgeons, and plan your procedure, so use the time wisely.

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