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Your look, your style. Shape your face and body the way you’ve always dreamed at Birmingham, MI’s Masri Clinic, the preferred choice for all plastic surgery needs.

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What can plastic surgery do

Significantly improve face or body appearance | Repair and reconstruct damaged or missing skin | Improve quality of life, confidence, and self-esteem | Reshape and redefine the way you look

Understanding Place Surgery

What is Plastic Surgery?

Beauty has never been easier, and at Birmingham, MI’s premier destination for plastic and cosmetic surgery needs, we can shape your beauty the way you want. With plastic or cosmetic surgery, those seeking the best out of their possible looks can redefine what it means to look the way they do. Becoming the person you always wanted to be begins with seeing the new you in the mirror.

Plastic surgery has evolved radically over the last few years. No longer is going under the knife for cosmetic or medical reasons a risk plagued with side effects and downsides. These days, patients can come in and out with minimal pain and recovery time while experiencing maximum satisfaction.

As home of the best Birmingham plastic and cosmetic surgery available, our board certified surgeon and staff guarantee our patients results like no other. From breast augmentation to tummy tuck, your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery will be an experience you will never forget.

Why Masri: Board Certified, 
Trusted, and Proven

Located along Old Woodward Ave near Big Beaver Rd, our Birmingham, MI branch of Masri Clinic is home to premier, top-class plastic surgery and bedside manner. We have treated countless patients over the years and prioritize every patient no matter what their procedure might be.

At Masri Clinic, our team and staff are led by Dr. Haitham Masri, MD, Michigan’s first Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Masri is the first specialist officially trained in the technique of external cosmetic nose surgery, and with nearly thirty years of experience and training in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Masri has seen it all.

There is no better place for your cosmetic surgery needs. Our staff will treat you with the patience, understanding, and expertise you would expect from any world-class practice. Any medical concerns prior to the procedure will be answered and satisfied to the best of our ability – your comfort is our satisfaction.

Plastic Surgery and You

Are You A Candidate for Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery?

What makes a patient an ideal candidate for plastic or cosmetic surgery in Birmingham, MI? Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Do you have realistic expectations of what you can achieve, and do you know exactly what you want?

Having a complete understanding of the procedures you would like to have done with our team is crucial before undergoing any procedure. You should also understand the scope and limits of each procedure, and have realistic expectations of what plastic surgery can accomplish.

Are you healthy enough to undergo surgery without any major risks?

While most people can go under the knife with little to no risk, there are some who should be automatically disqualified due to medical reasons. Individuals with medical histories involving high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, or smoking may be disqualified if we deem you too high of a risk.

Is the decision to get plastic surgery yours and yours alone? Are you emotionally and psychologically stable?

Even if plastic surgery is safer and easier than ever before, it should always be the decision of the patient. Make sure that your desire for the procedure is yours and not someone else’s. Finally, you should have the emotional and psychological stability to make this decision with a sound mind.

Do you understand the potential risks involved with your procedure?

Whatever procedure you choose, there are unique risks that may come with them. This is why it is absolutely crucial that you have a complete understanding of what you are putting yourself through, and that you choose a proven and trusted medical team to do your work.

Why It’s Crucial to Choose 
Only the Best in MI

When it comes to your face and body, you want only the best. Masri Clinic is home to the most experienced and most proven plastic surgeon Birmingham, MI can offer.

With this level of expertise, we can guarantee satisfaction with the results you experience. Choose the best, experience the best, and avoid the unwanted side effects you might experience elsewhere.


Do you offer free consultation?

Yes, Masri Clinic offers free consultation at both offices in Dearborn, MI and Birmingham, MI.

Where is your clinic located?

The Birmingham plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic is located on Old Woodward Ave near Big Beaver Rd. We serve patients in and around the Birmingham, MI 48009 area, including patients from nearby Bloomfield Hills, MI and Troy, MI.

Do you guarantee the best results in MI?

Patients must understand that results will always be limited in some ways, but the more experienced and knowledgeable their doctors and medical team are, the better chance they have at achieving the look they want. With our experience and knowledge, our results at Masri Clinic are unparalleled.

Schedule Your Plastic Surgery Consultation with Dr. Masri Today: Birmingham, Michigan’s Plastic Surgeon of Choice

Board certified with three decades of experience, our Dr. Haitham Masri and the rest of our staff treat all our patients with the attention and expertise they deserve. From breast augmentation to face lift, rhinoplasty to tummy tucks, we will help you accomplish your beauty goals.

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