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Collagen in Michigan

Common Problems
Deep folds and depressions on the face can result from scars, wrinkles, or areas of atrophy. These can warrant special attention from a facial plastic surgeon.

Collagen | Michigan
Injectable collagen plumps up facial features and fills facial wrinkles and frown lines with the patient's own fat.

Common Solutions
Collagen injection and lipoinjection create a smooth, friendly, and youthful appearance by raising deep folds and depressions in your skin. The most frequent sites for injections are along the creases that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth, around the lips, and along the frown lines above the nose. Collagen injections: Collagen, a protein extracted from beef hide, has the advantage of blending well with the deep skin's own tissue makeup. Folds and depressions are raised by injecting collagen into the middle and deep layers of the skin at several points along the fold or depression, using a fine needle. The collagen is massaged into position, leaving the area of the fold slightly puffy. Lipoinjection: Fat taken from another part of the body (such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs) is injected just underneath the skin, along the path of the fold or depression. A bandage may be placed over the site of the injection to keep the fat stabilized while the face is healing.

The Immediate After-Effects
Most patients experience minimal pain or discomfort following injections. Most patients put a little makeup on and go back to work the same day. Swelling and puffiness at the site of the injection usually subside within a few days.

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The Results to Expect
Since the collagen does not remain permanently at the fold or depression, the patient may choose to repeat the injection every six months or so. With lipoinjection, the body absorbs much of the injected fat, so it may be repeated about three times at three- to six-month intervals. Gradually, enough fat may remain at the site to raise the fold for an extended period.

The Risks
The risks are minimal. There are inherent risks in any surgical undertaking, however, and these should be discussed thoroughly with your Detroit, MI facial plastic surgeon.

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