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Cheek & Chin Implants in Michigan

Many people have a small chin - one that recedes or is not prominent enough. A small chin can make a person's nose appear more prominent than it really is, whereas a chin that is more in harmony with other facial features can draw attention away from the nose and give the entire profile a more pleasing balance. Building up a small chin also can dramatically improve the results of a facelift.

Cheek & Chin Implants | Michigan
On the other hand, a chin may protrude excessively, either because of an abnormally large "chin button" or because of a too-long jawbone.

Some Solutions

Cheek implants (malar augmentation) can improve facial harmony by giving greater definition to the cheekbones, achieving a better balance with the rest of a person's face.

Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) is an operation that changes a person's profile by bringing out the chin. It often is performed at the same time as nasal surgery.

Chin reduction surgery, which involves removing excess bone from the chin button, may provide an improvement when the chin protrudes excessively.

If the problem is not the chin itself, but rather excess skin that has collected under the chin, a facelift may be necessary rather than chin surgery.

In cases where the teeth do not fit together well or there is a severe underbite or overbite, consultation with an oral or maxillofacial surgeon may be necessary.

Cheek and Chin Implants in Detroit Michigan
Dr. Masri can correct a receding chin and provide those high cheekbones sought after by men and women worldwide.

Deciding On An Operation

Anyone interested in chin augmentation or chin reduction surgery should consult an experienced facial plastic surgeon in Detroit. During the initial visit, the surgeon makes a thorough evaluation of the face and neck to determine whether surgery is indicated. He will then discuss any questions and concerns related to the surgery.

In addition to the skill of the surgeon, the patient's realistic expectations about the results of the surgery and his general emotional state are important considerations. Mental attitude is as important as the ability to heal in evaluating candidates for facial plastic surgery.

Once the surgery is agreed upon, preoperative photographs are taken to help the surgeon plan the operation. These photographs usually are compared with similar ones taken sometime after surgery and serve as a permanent before-and-after record of the results.

How Chin Surgery Is Done

A small incision is made either inside the mouth or just underneath and behind the most prominent part of the chin. A sterile surgical material that has practically the same consistency as the soft tissues of the chin is secured just in front of the jawbone to bring out the chin. The skin overlying the implant itself becomes virtually undetectable after a short time. The chin augmentation is designed to make the new chin look as natural as possible.

This operation can be combined easily with the removal of fat and a small amount of skin from underneath the chin. This procedure, called a submental lipectomy, eliminates a double chin and can improve the overall effect of chin augmentation.

Chin reduction is accomplished by using an instrument much like a dental drill, through a small incision in the fold beneath the chin.

After the chin operation, some swelling and bruising can be expected. Most of the swelling usually subsides within the first week, the bruising within a couple of weeks. There may be some mild discomfort for a short time after surgery, but this usually is controlled easily with medication. Significant pain is uncommon.

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The Results To Expect

Significant improvements should be noticed immediately following surgery. The chin will look even more natural and attractive as the swelling subsides in the weeks after surgery. Just how much improvement is achieved depends on the individual's physical characteristics and the extent of the surgery in Detroit, Michigan.

How Cheek Surgery Is Done

Incisions are made below the eyes or inside the mouth. Implants are placed in a pocket between the cheekbones and overlying soft tissues.

Preoperative medications to relieve tension and local anesthetics to numb the chin during surgery commonly are administered. These should keep the patient comfortable and free of pain. If desired, general anesthesia can be administered.

The Immediate After-Effects

After cheek surgery, the swelling and bruising around the cheeks may take a few weeks to subside.

There are inherent risks in any surgical procedure, and these should be discussed thoroughly with Dr. Masri. Hundreds of successful chin augmentations are performed each year.

For more information about having Cheek and Chin Implants and Chin Reduction in Dearborn Michigan - contact the Masri Clinic today.

Cheek & Chin Implants FAQs

I've always had very flat cheeks and have envied those with nice high cheekbones. Would implants be a good way to improve my flat cheeks? Are there any other options like fillers?

Cheek implants are a good option, however, if you want something with less downtime and a more affordable Radiesse volumizing filler is a good option. Radiesse stimulates your own natural collagen to provide long-lasting results. Radiesse gives the doctor more freedom to sculpt the cheeks as needed.

After cheek implant surgery, how bad is the post-op swelling, and how soon would I be able to go back to work?

After cheek surgery, the swelling and bruising around the cheeks may take a few weeks to subside.

I'm interested in getting a chin implant but I'm concerned about how it will look and feel afterward. Does it feel unnatural?

Chin implants look and feel very natural. Check out some of our before and after pictures.

I would love to get a chin implant because I pretty much have none, but I'm terrified of it being too large and making me look like a witch! Is there some way to visualize the results before I commit to surgery?

Yes, we offer computer imaging so you may see your post-op results. We also offer Radiessee which is filler that lasts about 2 years. Please come in for a consultation to see which treatment would be best for you.

I've always had something of a receding chin but I also think I've gotten a bit jowly as I've gotten older. Can a chin implant help both of these problems?

Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) is an operation that changes a person's profile by bringing out the chin. In some cases mentoplasty and SmartLipo™ can be coupled with various lasers that treat the top layers of skin, creating a greater degree of tightening. Masri Clinic offers Thermage, an enhanced version of the radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening and contouring. Please come in for a consultation to see which would be the best option for you.

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