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Forehead Lift in Michigan

With age, the skin under the brows begins to sag and gives eyes a small, deep set appearance. The brows must be raised to remove the heaviness. Patients with highly animated foreheads will often produce a brow drop, sag, or ptosis at middle age and will require a brow lift.

Forehead Lift | Michigan

These changes are the result of the aging process, heredity, and gravity. They are accelerated by skin abuse, overexposure to the sun, alcohol, and poor nutrition.

Some Solutions

A forehead lift can reduce furrows and frown lines and raise drooping eyebrows. The skin and underlying tissues are lifted, smoothed, and repositioned.

Forehead Lift (Rhytidectomy) in Detroit Michigan
The first signs of aging include fine lines near the eyes, around the lips, on the forehead, and across the cheeks.

Deciding On An Operation

Anyone interested in forehead lift surgery should consult a competent facial plastic surgeon. During the initial visit, the surgeon makes a thorough evaluation of the forehead and eyebrows to determine whether surgery is indicated. He will then discuss any questions and concerns related to the surgery. People with receding hairlines or high foreheads may not be suitable candidates or may choose to have a modification of the standard forehead or brow lift.

In addition to the skill of the surgeon, the patient's realistic expectations about the results of the surgery and his general emotional state are important considerations. Mental attitude is as important as the ability to heal in evaluating candidates for facial plastic surgery.

Once the surgery is agreed upon, pre-operative photographs are taken to help the surgeon plan the operation. These photographs usually are compared with similar ones taken sometime after surgery and serve as a permanent before-and-after record of the results.

How A Forehead Lift Is Done

Usually, an incision is placed within the hairline and runs across the top of the forehead. The forehead and brows are raised to their original position and the muscles responsible for furrows and frown lines are weakened or divided. Your head may be lightly bandaged after the skin is repositioned and sutured.

Keeping The Patient Comfortable

Pre-operative medications to relieve tension and local anesthetics to numb the face during surgery commonly are administered. These should keep the patient comfortable and free of pain. If desired, general anesthesia can be administered.

The Immediate After-Effects

After the operation, some swelling and bruising can be expected. The swelling and bruising usually subside within a week or so, though eyebrow motion may remain limited for several weeks or longer. There may be mild discomfort for a short time after surgery, but this usually is controlled easily with medication. Significant pain is quite rare. Sutures are removed in a few days, and make-up can be applied shortly thereafter.

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The Results To Expect

The forehead lift should give the patient a younger, friendlier appearance. Just how much improvement will be made depends on the individual's physical characteristics and the extent of the surgery.

The Risks

The risks are minimal. There are inherent risks in any surgical undertaking, however, and these should be discussed thoroughly with your Detroit, MI facial plastic surgeon. Many thousands of forehead lift operations are performed successfully each year.

Other Options

A forehead lift smooths out the horizontal wrinkles in the forehead. An eyebrow lift procedure can be performed at the time of a forehead lift to correct droopy eyebrows.

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